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Sibongile Mashiyi – Health is Wealth AC

It was 2011 in August when I started to get sick, not sick like in bed but I noticed that everytime I sweated too much especially when I’m sleeping , I started to loose weight as well aibo. At that time my mom was in Eastern Cape working there. I was staying with my 3 sisters who are working and I was unemployed looking for a job..

I wasn’t coughing at all, so I decided to go to the community clinic here to test for Tb. I did – the results came back “negative”

I got a job while I was in training. I was feeling very cold. After the training I went home to sleep. It was during the day I sweat like I really don’t know I started to feel worried now, my weight started to be worse. One weekend I went to Canal walk, I was in a queue at Edgars I got dizzy and collapse there.
To cut things short I started to be sick, no appetite my sister’s got worried too, I had to stop going to that training for the job cause the other day I was alone preparing to go there and I was alone in the house my sister’s were at their work , I collapsed again at home.

My sister’s called our Mom that I’m sick and I can’t stay alone during the day when they’re at work. My mom rushed to Capetown. I got sick again at home they called the ambulance and I was admitted at this hospital in Mitchells Plain. The Doctors said it’s TB. I can’t remember they said it’s TB of what intestines, I think if I still remember.

I was admitted there. It was bad, In September I started to be on the TB treatment. I remember I don’t like tablets that treatment make me sick everytime I vomited and vomited. I was bad and now there was this lump that grew in my neck. The Doctors said it’s still TB, that lump was sore, it got bigger and they said to my mom they will inject it and suck out the juice that is there. I was so thin (42kg) I was on and off at home and was again admitted until December, even the Christmas that year 2011 I spent it in hospital, and in January I was admitted in Tygerberg Hospital (not the hospital I was at before).

I was on TB treatment for 9 months not 6 months because of that lump that grew on my neck, it took long to heal. To this day I still have the mark on my neck.
That’s my story, and thanks to my mom who was looking after me and her brothers (my uncles) who always took me to thr clinic for my appointments and make sure that I don’t miss them.

So !!! If you use your treatment right and dont default you can’t die of TB. I was not a runner at the time, but I was still active doing fun walks, actually that year of Tb I missed my race Cape Times Big walk (50km) I started running mid May 2014 when I joined Guguletu AC, but I only ran short distances. In 2015 I moved to 15km and then to my first 42km in September (Sanlam Capetown Marathon). Unfortunately, I didn’t finish. I felt dizzy at 24km and I was told my blood pressure is low and could not continue. I never gave up. That same year in November I successfully finished the Winelands Marathon, in a time of 4:56. I completed my first Ultra Marathon (Old Mutual Two Oceans in 2016. It was on my birthday 26 March).

This year (2019) will be my 4th Two Oceans. After not been able to finish Comrades in 2017 I went back the following year and successfully completed the distance in a time of 10 hours 57minutes. I consider myself to be a strong person who just doesn’t give up. I’m still new to running. Every runner has a story to tell about running.