Reach High – Dream Deep

Reach High – Dream Deep

“There is just no telling how many Kilometers I will have to

Run and Cycle whilst chasing a dream”


People always see the Glory but forget about the actual story.

Storytelling is a mechanism for raising awareness. We constantly sell products in the media but we need to start selling awareness.

As a TB Survivor, advocate, activist, I want to talk to the people who are hard to reach. I want to share mine and other TB Survivors stories, and hopefully,
it will become someone’s survivor guide.

My journey with TB did not end the day I was declared “TB Free”. It will live with me for the rest of my life. Truth to be told, I believe in divine intervention and my journey bears testimony to that.

I thought the most simple way to do this, was by starting a blog. I would be able to express my opinions, thoughts, deliver better insight into TB, it’s complexities, and an understanding of the journey I’m embarking on. A perfect opportunity to introduce ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Does one have to give your blog a title???
What subjects does one engage in?
Who would be your audience?

The last thing runners want to hear you “nattering” on about TB. After all. They just want to run. So then!!! How could I subtly create awareness whilst running without encroaching their space or bugging them?
Time to ask the brains trust.
A message is sent to the suggestion department. Tell him to pay the House of Office a visit. After all !!! That’s where all the bright ideas originate from.

What is this thing with sitting on “The white phone” that makes us suddenly become creative, innovative, have those light bulb moments? It has worked for many and it certainly worked for me.

Let me run in different colour socks and shoes – I thought and Hey !!! Presto. It’s like a crowd-puller at any event. Eyes down and looking. That bewildered look.
The things we do to attract attention.

The looks of astonishment when they see you. Often at the starting area of a race, I hear. Kyk !! Daai ou het in die donker aangetrek. Some just cannot contain themselves, approach me and ask – Where you bought your shoes, why the different colours? Did I buy them like that?

Mission Accomplished. (Jy is so n slim kind). When they know the reason why, even it’s for a fleeting moment, their thoughts are about TB.

We often read quotes which play a major impact in our lives. I read this quote by an unknown author

Difficult Roads lead to beautiful Destinations

This made me realize that I’m on this unforgettable Journey of Fulfillment. I have been given this window of opportunity to help.

When I started the 2feet4tb initiative I knew “diddly squat” about TB, except it was an airborne disease and I survived it.
However, over time, with due diligence, many long hours of research, speaking to those in the ” industry”, I got to learn so much more about this killer disease, what devastation it could potentially cause, that it’s isn’t just a pulmonary disease. Whilst the majority of TB infections affect the lungs, TB can infect any place in the body – The inner organs, the bone, the brain, the spine etc. If TB infection is not primarily located in the lungs, it is called Extrapulmonary TB.

TB is not just an individual disease, it’s a community disease.
With more education, proper treatment, uplifting those living in poverty-stricken environments, better living conditions, more hands-on from Governments I believe that TB can be beaten.

We all need to play our part.

Even to this very day, people look at me so very different when they become aware that I had TB. They see the logo on my “gear” ask what it stands for. That moment when they hear TB, they take a step back.

What the “cluck“!!!!

TB itself is subject to incredible stigma, the myths associated with TB (This will be addressed in a forthcoming article)

TB knows no boundaries and can affect all people regardless of age, gender or social status. Fit and healthy people can get and overcome TB (I can attest to that)
The notion that TB is a disease of the poor is a dangerous fallacy. It can happen to anyone, not something that affects only “other” people. If you think TB won’t pick you because you’re “not the type” – Think Again (I can attest to that)

TB is curable, not a death sentence. Once diagnosed you don’t have a choice, but to
take/complete the course. (I can attest to that)

TB is like the forgotten disease. Once you have survived it, you NEVER forget it.
Somehow !! It will always come back to haunt you. (I can attest to that)

TB has changed so many lives forever. We have all had our personal journey, our own
suffering. (I can attest to that)

There just isn’t harder or less hard with TB. The journey is extremely tough and can
be very lonely. (I can attest to that)

It requires all the support one can get. (I can attest to that)

It’s time to Unite to end TB
It’s time to address TB and Malnutrition.
It’s time to trace and treat every TB victim
It’s time to end the stigma against TB
It’s time to end the myths surrounding TB
It’s time to end Childhood TB
It’s time to march towards a TB free world

ALONE we can do so little – TOGETHER we can do so much
Let us ALL stand up and TOGETHER fight our common enemy

Life is a Gift – Share it


Edited & Published by

Jessica Moss – Social media Manager, Content Creator, Planner and Editor.

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